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Meet GM Financial's Marilyn Taylor

Meet GM Financial's Marilyn Taylor

Published December 8, 2011

AVP Dealer Training

Marilyn Taylor's past experience in the auto and finance industries has brought her great success at GM Financial. Not only does Taylor have more than 30 years of experience in the auto industry, she's been close to it nearly all her life.

While originally from Arkansas, Taylor grew up near Beaumont, Texas, around cars and dealerships, as her dad was in the car selling business. She attended Lamar University and eventually began selling cars at Beaumont Motor Co. She entered the auto finance industry when she started at GMAC and stayed for nearly 12 years. When GMAC introduced SmartLease in the mid-1980s, Taylor began training dealers on leasing.

Throughout her career, she's lived in Houston and Georgetown, Texas – right outside of Austin. She had been there until last year when she accepted a position here at GM Financial.

Prior to joining GM Financial, Taylor worked at Bank One Credit Co., Citi Financial Auto (formerly known as Arcadia), and she was the Finance Director for a dealer group in Austin.

"When the opportunity at GM Financial came up, it was a chance to get back into the auto finance industry I knew and loved, and I would be able to move to the same town as my children," Taylor explained. "What could be better?"

Since arriving at GM Financial in November 2010, Taylor has led the efforts to educate dealers on leasing and the benefits it has for customers. She began as a Sales Training Consultant for her internal team but quickly found her way into the Lease Sales division. "I immediately found my way into the Lease Sales class and didn't leave."

In May, Taylor was promoted to assistant vice president and since then, has helped develop and design curriculum for the Dealer Training Department, which will focus on dealer training in all areas, but primarily leasing right now. "We have five training consultants, including me, that cover training at dealerships across the U.S.," explained Taylor. "All of them have had years of auto experience both on the retail side and the finance side. All five of us came into this department with previous lease and lease training experience."

Simply put, Taylor said she loves everything about her job – from the people to the workplace environment to her actual job description. "I am so fortunate to work with such great people, and have this healthy environment to call a workplace. The job itself is the perfect opportunity to utilize my previous work experience: Auto industry, sales, training, leading teams, and being in and around the dealer world while representing a great finance company and providing valuable contributions."

To keep herself grounded, Taylor follows one specific motto: Do the right thing all the time, every time. Even when it's difficult and sometimes a challenge, it's an admirable goal to have. "I always think if someday my grandkids were to meet someone who knew me, would I be proud of what that person would say about me to them? Would my grandchild walk away proud?"

In her spare time, Taylor enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren, discovering new things in Fort Worth, and watching football and baseball.

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