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Front Office: A message from Kyle Birch

Front Office: A message from Kyle Birch

Published March 23, 2012

Dear GM Dealer,

Heading into a seasonally stronger selling period, and following our first full year as a General Motors company, GM Financial is more focused than ever to help you increase vehicle sales. Our strong operating results for 2011 confirms the progress we've made in fulfilling our strategy to provide our dealer customers with a broader, deeper array of financing products to support incremental GM vehicle sales.

The motor company has seen the impact of our presence in GM dealerships across the country and we hope that you have directly benefitted from it also. As our financing products gain greater acceptance within GM dealerships, General Motors' penetration in the subprime loan market has increased to 6.8 percent for the December 2011 quarter, well above the industry average of 4.9 percent. And, for the same quarter, GM Financial financed over 17 percent of all leases on new GM vehicles. We are energized by the progress we've made and will continue to explore ways to provide even more competitive and attractive subprime loan and lease offerings for your customers.

In addition, we are launching our commercial lending suite of products shortly. Our commercial lending program is aimed at providing you alternative financing sources to support your business without bundled pricing, so you can make the best financing choices for your customers and your dealership. From floorplan financing and insurance, to real estate and construction loans, our suite of products can support all your financing needs.

We also realigned our Sales and Credit teams in February into two distinct groups servicing GM or AmeriCredit dealers nationwide. As you'll read in this issue of Dealer Insider, it's a move that will help enhance the level of service we provide to you. Also, be sure to visit our newly designed website dedicated to you and the products and services we provide.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to take advantage of this spring! Not only is the economy showing signs of improvement, but, according to a new report from FICO, consumer credit risk profiles have remained relatively stable as consumers learned to manage their debt during the downturn. To learn more about U.S. credit behavior, read our "Market Watch" article. As part of the GM family, we're here to help you increase vehicle sales and capitalize on this typically strong selling season.

As always, for more information about GM Financial and our products please email our Dealer Services Team at DealerRelations@gmfinancial.com.


Kyle Birch
Kyle Birch
EVP Dealer Services
GM Financial

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