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GM Financial's auction vehicles better than ever in 2013

GM Financial's auction vehicles better than ever in 2013

Published February 4, 2013

Over the past year, the GM Financial auction inventory has seen the addition of more late-model vehicles with lower mileage in our lanes, a trend that will continue in 2013 as the strength of our GM lease program continues. While the auctions will still run GM Financial vehicles of all ages and miles the additional late-model, lower mileage vehicles will increase the number of vehicles qualifying for our Gold and Silver certification programs.

GM Financial's Gold and Silver Certified Vehicles, in accordance with , will still come with a clean Vehicle History Report and be test driven to ensure the vehicle is mechanically sound. Gold Certified Vehicles represent vehicles in very good condition for their model year and mileage. These vehicles have an 80,000 mile maximum and come with a seven-day certification guarantee. Silver Certified Vehicles represent vehicles that are in average condition for their model year and mileage, have a 125,000 mile maximum and come with a seven-day certification guarantee.

Also in 2013, look for more Green Light vehicles. All GM Financial Green Light vehicles come with a sale-day guarantee and are arbitration eligible. Vehicles with over 80,000 miles are inspected by the auction mechanic shop to ensure the drive train is in good operating condition and are sold with a "green light."

"We've seen a tremendous shift in our product line over the past year with more late-model vehicles appearing in our lanes," said Dan Heinrich, Vice President of Asset Remarketing. "Our inventory is continuing to get better and better with more vehicles qualifying for our Gold and Silver Certified and Green Light programs. However, as a company, I want to reiterate that we will still be running the same vehicles that we have in the past to ensure we have the right vehicles for every dealer." Off-lease vehicles are also going to have a stronger presence in the auctions this year, Heinrich said. "We are now offering an online purchasing outlet, , for dealers to purchase GM Financial off-lease vehicles, giving them access to newer models with lower mileage."

By utilizing , dealers can purchase GM Financial off-lease vehicles online before they cross the live auction block. Our off-lease vehicles are typically newer models that are only two to three years old, with lower mileage and are well-maintained and dealership serviced. GM Financial offers a variety of popular Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles ready for your dealership.

We will continue to offer our dealers a highly competitive product line and broad portfolio in 2013. Every auction location has on-site sales, and all auctions are broadcasted online so that dealers can bid on GM Financial vehicles without having to come to the auction physically. Visit to search for auctions in your area and available vehicles or check with ADESA, Manheim or your local independent auction for details on how to access a simulcast auction.

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