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GM All Field Meeting rallies sales team, emphasizes customer retention

GM All Field Meeting rallies sales team, emphasizes customer retention

Published July 2014

All Fields Meeting, 2014

Earlier this summer, GM Financial's Dealer Services Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents of Sales and Regional Sales Managers, travelled to Detroit for GM's annual All Field Meeting. Nearly 2,500 attendees representing GM's regional Sales team and five Sales regions, as well as GM executives Mary Barra, Dan Ammann and Alan Batey, and our GM Financial team gathered to discuss the previous year’s business and, more importantly, future plans and objectives.

GM's leadership used the platform to communicate the importance of moving away from the "old" GM and looking towards the future, capitalizing on GM's award-winning new product releases. Attendees were challenged to stay focused on the variables that can be controlled and develop consistency by honing the basics, and doing them brilliantly. One such basic, putting the customer first, should be integral to everything we do, said Batey. Attendees were empowered to take care of customers, and were encouraged to share that message with their teams. This customer-centric approach, combined with leadership's mission to stay humble and remain hungry, will ultimately support a critical metric: customer retention.

And, importantly for GM Financial, GM's Sales team was encouraged to build stronger, more collaborative partnerships with GM Financial and its Sales team.

"We're training our sales team to be trusted advisors and to use a consultative approach. It was informative to see the GM sales' process first hand," said Jonas Hollandsworth, GM Financial Executive Vice President Sales and Credit Operations. "We all want the same thing: to help dealerships increase sales and profit. As GM's captive lender, we want to partner with GM because their Sales team has existing, established relationships with dealers and owner principals, and we want to enhance those relationships."

Further, by leveraging GM's vehicle launches, both GM and GM Financial can build their brands and engage potential customers with attractive options to get them in more new GM vehicles than ever before. By setting coordinated objectives, and maintaining a persistent and continued focus on the customer experience, GM will secure a competitive advantage. Ultimately, this will lead to GM cementing its place as a world-class organization in the same league as some of the most respected brands across the globe.

In his closing remarks, Batey summed up the sales team's mission: "It's important to plan our drive, and drive our plan. And, remember: We are in it to win it!"

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