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Dan Berce

GMF CEO Berce Looks to the Future

“Exciting” is how GMF President and CEO Dan Berce feels about what lies ahead, not just for GMF and GM but for dealers and customers. Here is a summary of his conversation as the special guest on GMF’s Windshield Weekly Podcast.

Captive Journey

Dan looks at how far we’ve come since our introduction as the captive in October 2010, growing from 3,000 employees and $10 billion in assets to 9,000-plus employees and $103 billion in assets today.

A Look at the Future

With GMF’s close collaboration with GM’s electrification teams, Dan says we’re stepping into a “whole new world” of products and services for dealers:

  • CarBravo
  • GM Protection
  • Financing charging stations
  • Bundling services
  • In-dash services and bidirectional charging

Growth of Floorplan

From the first floorplan dealerships that joined us in 2012 to the more than 1,700 today, we continue to work on increasing our value to GM dealerships.

While we’re undergoing tremendous change as an industry, Dan emphasizes what will not change is the focus on building strong relationships with dealers and aligning with GM.

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