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Lease Loyalty that Rocks

When it comes to customer retention, GM Financial is doing it right. With an industry-leading lease-loyalty retention rate of 81%1, we’re driving more customers back to your dealership for another lease.

Whether we’re consistently directing lessees to your dealership for lease-end inspections, sending customers service opportunity reminders, or driving leads directly to your BDC, our goal is to help you retain your customers. One of the ways we help you craft the best customer lease experience is through GM Financial’s Loyalty Program.

When your returning customer is excited about leasing a new Chevrolet, Buick, GMC or Cadillac, we don’t want anything to get in the way of that new-car feeling! Through the Loyalty Program, we reward a returning GM Financial lessee who leases or purchases a new GM vehicle and finances it with GM Financial by waiving some lease-end charges. GM Financial waives disposition fees (up to $595) for customers getting into a new GM vehicle and excess wear fees (up to $500) for returning GM Financial lessees as a way to say thanks to loyal GM customers.


Share these exciting benefits with your customers and see the results for yourself.

Keen observers may notice that our Loyalty Program recently changed. As hundreds of you submitted lease-loyalty waivers on behalf of your customers over the past months, we realized the maximum program benefit is best realized through disposition fee and excess wear waivers.

To qualify your customer for these benefits, complete the required fields in GMF DealerSource® when grounding the lessee’s vehicle.

1Based on CY 2017 IHS Markit Lease Return to Market Manufacturer Loyalty. Data based on disposal methodology and GM custom segmentation in the U.S.

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