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Episode 19: Entrepreneurial Focus

By the time he was 20, Charles Winton, president of Estero Bay Chevrolet in Estero, Florida, knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. “I didn’t want to come continually under somebody else’s thumb.”

After working as an accountant for several dealerships, Charles saw the opportunities in the auto industry. Through GM’s minority dealership program, he opened Estero Bay Chevrolet. He now has two additional stores and has won Dealer of the Year for three consecutive years.

Charles didn’t take lightly the decision to change floorplan providers. But after taking a closer look at the “whole package,” he realized he could sell more vehicles and make more money with GMF than with his primary bank. “I switched because that’s what was best for my business,” he said.

Here’s how Charles answers the challenges of being a successful business owner:

  1.  Staying current. Charles continually reevaluates his business to make sure his business practices are evolving to stay current with the times.
  2.  Buying strategy. Once his team started giving GMF a “first look” on every deal, there were more opportunities for GMF to help more customers, which strengthened the dealership’s buying power with General Motors.
  3.  Going digital. Tools like the GMF online credit app and eContracting are slimming down the time it takes a customer to buy a vehicle.

To see how flooring with GMF could benefit your dealership, talk to your GMF Rep about taking a floorplan Test Drive.

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