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Episode 20: Dividends Evolution

You can call Will Churchill an early adopter. His dealership, Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, Texas, has been floorplanned with GM Financial since 2014. Today, it’s one of the first dealerships in the country to complete the new Cadillac brand enhancements.

Despite the major changes to the automotive business recently, Will relies on his long-term relationship with GMF to remain confident about his future. Here’s why:


  1. Incentives
    Since Frank Kent Cadillac has been with GMF since the early days, Will experienced the “birth” of Dealer Dividends® and every enhancement along the way.

    “That shows GM Financial’s dedication to evolving the process to try and get more money back into the hands of dealers.”

  2. Relationship
    Will likes to keep his dealerships floorplanned with the captives, but other brands didn’t offer the kind of relationship GMF provides.

    “GM Financial has always been a partner with us. We’ve bought three or four other dealerships, and we immediately give it to GMF because of all the tools they bring.”

  3. Retention
    As a dealership all-in with GMF, Will has access to retention support from the captive that helps him keep his customers.

    “It’s always easier and less expensive to maintain your customer base than it is to go out and conquest customers. That’s obviously going to have an impact on the dealers’ bottom line.”

  4. Customer Experience
    Customer expectations keep accelerating, and Will is excited about how GMF is evolving to meet the needs of current and future customers.

    “The thing that excites me most about what I see coming down the GMF pipeline is the true assistance of helping get the car purchase facilitated online in a seamless manner for the customer.”

Is your store ready to thrive? Talk to your GMF Rep about taking a GMF floorplan Test Drive.

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