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Episode 26: Used-Car Captive

Through all the changes in the past 10 years, one constant for Jessup Auto Plaza has been GMF. As the dealership in Cathedral City, California, celebrates its 10-year anniversary floorplanning with GMF, Dan Jessup, General Manager, reflects on some of the ways GMF is “always there when we need them.”

  1. “All of my deals go to GMF.”

    Dan knows that sending every app to GMF not only helps with overall profitability but gives his managers a reliable source of customer information that they use as a retention tool and to sell more vehicles. “Nobody understands the retention piece better than GMF,” Dan says.

    To automatically send all your apps to GMF, turn on preselect in Dealertrack or preferred lender in RouteOne®.

  2. “We asked GMF to be our used-car captive.”

    The strong relationship with GMF helped Jessup Auto Plaza grow its used-car business over the past few years, especially with enhancements to the Dealer Dividends® program. With the added support from GMF as a “used-car captive,” Dan’s used business is thriving and has added stability to their operation.

  3. “GMF’s goal is to support us, and they are doing that 110%.”

    Dan knows that GMF stands “shoulder to shoulder” with GM to implement new programs at the dealership level. Seeing that GM, GMF and his dealership are all working toward the same goals gives Dan confidence and peace of mind.

Talk to your GMF Rep to learn more about the GMF floorplan difference.

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