Question Performance Measurement
Question Eligibility

Eligible Dealers: All General Motors dealerships that are enrolled as a GM Protection Dealer in the USA throughout the program period are eligible.
Eligible Participants: This incentive trip is offered to dealer principals/owners . Winning dealers have the option to designate an alternate attendee (General Manager level or higher) from their dealership to go in their place. Individual participants of the winning dealership must be employees of that winning dealership at the time of travel. A dealership must be enrolled with GM Protection and meet the qualification criteria during the program period to be considered for the travel award.

Termination of Dealer Agreement: Dealerships that terminate their GM Protection enrollment during the program period are not eligible to participate in the program or receive awards.

Dealer Change: The GM Protection Platinum Elite contest program is BAC-based. A new BAC will be treated as a new dealership , even if it is an ownership change, and will be subject to the same rules as any other new dealership.

Qualification Criteria:

Question How to Win

Dealerships are divided into tiers based on GM tiers

Winners will be notified by Aug. 15, 2024.

In the event of a tie, contract penetration will be used as a tiebreaker, with the higher penetration winning. Penetration will be determined as follows and carried to four decimal places, if necessary:

Total GM Protection contracts sold on new and used vehicles during the program period ÷
Total new retail deliveries during the program period = Contract penetration.

In the event that no dealership meets the minimum qualifiers, the trips will be awarded by GM Protection. GM Protection reserves the right to award additional trips at its own discretion.


GMF reserves the right to audit all dealership records supporting this program and to disqualify participants in the event of any irregularity. Sufficient dealership records must be kept to evidence performance under the program. General Motors also reserves the right to charge back any reward improperly awarded to dealers or dealer employees.

GMF will monitor situations involving dealer owners/principals who own or control more than one dealership. In the event of any sales imbalance based on sales history, or any other reporting or other irregularity, GMF may make adjustments in program data, charge back any rewards under the program or take other action deemed by GMF to be equitable or appropriate under the circumstances.

In all matters relating to the interpretation and application of any rules of this program, the decision of GMF shall be final.

Program Amendment or Cancellation:

GMF reserves the right to cancel, amend or revoke this program at any time for any reason. In all matters relating to the interpretation and application of any rules of this program, the decision of GMF shall be the final decision.


Liability for federal, state or other taxes imposed upon a reward recipient is the sole responsibility of the reward winner, not GMF. GMF will report all rewards to the relevant taxing authorities if appropriate. If applicable, a Form 1099 from GMF will be issued to the reward winner’s Social Security number at the end of the calendar year, reflecting all rewards and gifts earned during the tax year.