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Our Captive Value

In supporting dealerships, our focus is on four values: Driving vehicle sales, enhancing customer experience and loyalty, providing support through all economic cycles and contributing to enterprise profitability.

Explore how these values can help elevate your business.

Why go all in with GM Financial?

Christy Gilleland  |  Gilleland Chevrolet

For Christy, floorplan dealer and member of the Chevrolet National Dealer Council, choosing her floorplan provider came down to just one thing: Trust. See why she went all in.

Support through all economic cycles

Kris Cox  |  Cox Chevrolet

Kris moved his multi-generation floorplan account to GM Financial because, as he puts it, “GM, GM Financial and dealers, we all have the same stake in the game.” Listen to his story.

To learn more about GM Financial, talk to your rep. Or, visit GMF Connect.

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