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GM Financial Leasing Workshops offer training and opportunities for dealerships

GM Financial Leasing Workshops offer training and opportunities for dealerships

Published Dec. 2011

Learning the ins and outs of new leasing products takes time, training and patience. GM Financial's Dealer Training Department now offers valuable and easy-to-understand Leasing Workshops, where you can learn how to promote leasing to your customers as an option to get them into a new vehicle.

Lease training comes in various forms: Classroom seminars, in-dealership consultations, and single or multi-dealership workshops. The classroom setting allows the GM Financial training team to walk through the building blocks of successful leasing platforms and products with our dealers. In a single dealership seminar, the training team will cover all aspects of leasing in the dealership, including leasing basics and benefits, strategies to successfully integrate leasing into the dealership and more.

"The classroom module is a full-day event. The workshop normally runs for two days back-to-back so dealers can split their staff. Then we stay and conduct in-dealership consulting," said Marilyn Taylor, AVP Dealer Training. "We also offer offsite seminars with multiple dealerships in attendance. We can structure the lease event around the specific needs of the market and/or dealership."

For in-dealership workshops and consultations, GM Financial's training team will visit your dealership and work one-on-one with each department – Sales Consultants, Sales Desk, Finance Department and Accounting Office. This training option is designed to be flexible and adaptable based on dealership needs and availability. This allows the GM Financial team to reinforce training in every area of the dealership to ensure that your employees are fully prepared to handle leasing on their own.

Teaching your staff how to present leasing to your customers carries immense benefits for your dealership.

"The single greatest value of leasing to a dealership is the long-term annuity it helps build from the shorter trade cycle. Leases usually have shorter terms than retail contracts, and the customer has 'forced action' required at the end of the lease," Taylor explained. "Ideally, the customer comes back to the dealer sooner and the dealership has more sales opportunities, as well as stronger customer retention, service and parts loyalty, and certified pre-owned opportunities."

Still not sure if a GM Financial Leasing Workshop would benefit your dealership? Don't just take our word for it; see what participating dealerships had to say.

Lynn Smith, president of Lynn Smith Chevrolet in Burleson, Texas:

On behalf of the Lynn Smith Chevrolet sales staff, I would like to thank you and your very professional team for your recent visit and lease training seminar. Our entire sales staff from Managers, F&I and sales team personnel, was thoroughly impressed to learn about leasing in an easy-to-understand way that we believe will help us reach new levels of professional and personal success. As a direct result of your training, we have delivered seven lease vehicles in the first 10 days and are excited about future sales. We were very impressed with your talented staff and the methods used to train in an interesting, thorough and exciting manner.

Joe Clemens, general manager of Sapaugh Motors in Herculaneum, Mo.:

It was a privilege to have the excellent GM Financial team at our dealership for the lease training program. This training was presented in such a refreshing, new manner that was enjoyed by everyone, and they left the meetings confident and upbeat. So many meetings now are held as Web or phone meetings, but the personal and face-to-face style of training holds far more value and has a more lasting effect on the participants. What was learned is already being put into action and I believe it will be highly successful for everyone involved. As of this date, we have already closed three lease deals.

For more information, check out GM Financial's . To enroll in a Leasing Workshop for your dealership or to find course offerings in your area, contact your Dealer Relationship Manager or GM Financial's Dealer Training Department at (817) 302-7775.

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