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GM Financial Celebrates Stasney's Buick GMC as First Floorplan Customer

GM Financial Celebrates Stasney's Buick GMC as First Floorplan Customer

Published Jun. 2012

At GM Financial, dealerships often ask us if they can use the GM Financial name and/or logo in consumer advertising. Whether on TV, the local newspaper, radio, online or within direct mail, auto dealerships are not permitted to use the GM Financial name or logo in their advertising campaigns or marketing. There are several reasons for this, but our main reasoning is that GM Financial is licensed as an indirect lender.

As an auto dealer, you are well aware of certain laws that affect advertising. If you are looking to advertise credit or lease offers to potential buyers, you already know that you must follow the parameters set forth by the Consumer Leasing Act and the Truth in Lending Act as well as other federal, state and local requirements. Likewise, GM Financial is bound by legal restrictions when it comes to advertising directly to consumers. Our marketing efforts are focused solely on business-to-business relationships with auto dealerships like yours.

GM Financial will communicate with the end consumer who has financed a vehicle through us during the funding process. When all paperwork has been signed and the application package has been received by our funding department, we will make a welcome call to the consumer and initiate communication.

Although, we understand that our dealer partners want to use our name in their advertising, we are unable to permit this as it is a violation of the dealer agreement our dealers have signed and increases all of our potential legal liability.

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