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GM Financial launches GMFDealerSource.com for vehicles coming off lease

GM Financial launches GMFDealerSource.com for vehicles coming off lease

Published Nov. 2012

In December 2010, GM Financial launched a lease program for GM dealers in Ohio, eventually expanding the program nationally in the spring of 2011. Now, as some of those first vehicles are coming off lease, our lease consumers will be returning these vehicles to GM dealerships. In preparation for the end-of-lease consumers, several teams within GM Financial worked to produce an easy and efficient end-of-lease program for our dealers. Providing an end-of-lease process that is simple and easy to navigate is vital to both our dealer partners and our lease customers.

In early November, we launched – a dealer-facing, web-based grounding tool that helps dealers notify GM Financial of a turned-in lease vehicle, which initiates the "grounding" of the vehicle and termination of the lease. GMFDealerSource.com gives dealers access to the vehicle inspection report and the ability to purchase grounded vehicles.

"We wanted to provide our dealers and customers with a convenient, efficient and hassle-free lease turn-in process," said Dan Heinrich, vice president Asset Remarketing. "In order to do that, we've created a website for our dealers to access during the vehicle turn-in process. Our customers will receive a step-by-step guide outlining exactly what to expect from GM Financial as they approach the end of their lease term."

The whole end-of-lease program can be broken down into three main components: customer communication, dealer-grounding process, and vehicle remarketing.

GM Financial begins notifying customers of their end-of-term options six months prior to the vehicle's turn-in date. Customers have the choice to lease or purchase another vehicle, turn in the vehicle they are currently leasing, or purchase their current vehicle.

Three months from lease maturity, GM Financial mails an end-of-term guide to customers. The kit includes a wear-and-tear guide and a measuring tool that helps determine if dents, dings and tire tread warrant additional charges, and provides step-by-step instructions for turning in the vehicle, making the customer's end-of-lease experience a smooth transition.

Beginning at 45 days to maturity, GM Financial encourages the customer to meet with a third-party inspector to have the vehicle inspected at a local GM dealership prior to turning in the vehicle.

For our returned lease units, GM Financial offers the grounding dealer 48 hours to purchase the grounded vehicle at a market-based price set by GM Financial. Vehicles not purchased by the grounding dealer are made available through an online auction exclusively to GM dealers that participate in GM's certified pre-owned vehicle program. Unsold vehicles then go into a two-day online auction exclusive to GM franchised dealers. Any unsold vehicles are then made available to all dealers utilizing OPENLANE.

In December, GM Financial will launch a grounding application that includes a VIN scanner and QR reader. The application, which will soon be available for the iPhone, will make the grounding process even easier.

"It's really exciting that we're using cutting edge technology to make the grounding process easier for the dealer," said End-of-Term Lease Manager Josh Walter. "As an added bonus, we have some really nice, gently used vehicles coming off lease for our dealers to have first option to purchase."

To celebrate the launch of our new grounding tool, GM Financial is waiving the OPENLANE buy fees for GM dealers purchasing off-lease vehicles from now until April 30, 2013. Visit to learn more about GMFDealerSource.com and to view training materials on how to utilize the website for maximum efficiency; training materials are available in the GM Financial End of Lease Term section.

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