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GM Financial Celebrates Stasney's Buick GMC as First Floorplan Customer

GM Financial Celebrates Stasney's Buick GMC as First Floorplan Customer

Published Jun. 2012

First Floorplan Customer [image]
From left to right: David Carlsen, VP of Sales-Southwest Region; Buddy Stasney; Katie Slevin-Pierce, Account Representative – Zone A; and Chris Knapp, Regional Sales Manager.

"Big box banks really don't know the needs of a small store like mine," says Buddy Stasney, "They don't fully understand our day-to-day business - they want all or nothing." And that's exactly why Stasney, owner of Stasney's Buick GMC in Lincolnton, N.C., is thrilled to be GM Financial's first floorplan customer.

GM Financial's Commercial Lending Services, which offers floorplan financing, insurance, and real estate and construction loans for GM dealers, launched in April 2012 and closed its first deal with Stasney's dealership.

"We are extremely proud to have launched this new segment of business at GM Financial and to be able to offer this suite of products to GM dealers," says Brian Fallon, senior vice president of Commercial Lending Services (CLS). "There is a lot of interest from dealers who need this type of financing to help grow their business."

For Stasney, the opportunity to work with GM Financial means everything. "I made the trip to the NADA convention earlier this year for one reason - to meet the folks at GM Financial. I wanted to meet them face-to-face to know who I would be doing business with." He adds, "I firmly believe in supporting my captive. A captive understands my business more than anyone. Service to the smaller guy is vital and GM Financial is providing that." Stasney was also extremely thankful and complimentary to all the GM Financial employees he has worked with thus far, "From sales to underwriting to funding, the people at GM Financial are some of the nicest I have ever worked with."

In celebration of the first deal, GM Financial invited Stasney to visit its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, where he spent time with the Commercial Lending team and met several of the company's executives, including President and CEO Dan Berce.

More information about GM Financial's commercial lending products is available on our website at . You may also contact your Account Representative or email us at CommercialLending@gmfinancial.com.

*As used in this article, "loans" include retail installment sale contracts originated by dealers and purchased by the company.

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