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GM Financial now marketing Chevy, Buick, Cadillac & GMC extended protection plans

GM Financial now marketing Chevy, Buick, Cadillac & GMC extended protection plans

Published Nov. 2013

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GM Financial has begun marketing three new extended protection plan products on behalf of General Motors — Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs), Tire and Wheel Protection and Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) plans —divisionally branded by GM for Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac and GMC as part of GM's commitment to providing the best customer vehicle experience in the industry.

According to NADA, approximately 40 percent of car buyers purchase extended protection plans for their new, used and leased vehicles to protect their vehicles for the long haul. When your dealership offers the extended protection products to customers, you're offering additional coverage that increases customer satisfaction, ultimately providing added peace of mind and fostering positive, long-lasting relationships between GM dealers and GM vehicle owners.

The following products are now available in the North Central, South Central and Western regions. The products will be available in the Northeast and Southeast regions by mid-December. If your dealership is interested in learning more about these extended protection products, contact your Account Representative or nearest credit center at 888-556-4616 to learn more today.

Vehicle Service Contracts (VSCs)

VSCs are available at two tiers — Silver provides inclusionary component coverage and Platinum provides exclusionary coverage and extends coverage to nearly all mechanical and electrical components on the vehicle. Covered repairs are reimbursed to dealerships at full-retail labor rates using OEM parts at retail cost. VSC benefits include installation by trained service professionals, rental car coverage, trip interruption, lost key and lock out, 24-hour roadside assistance and emergency protection.

Customers have a choice of deductible levels available including $0, $100 and the Disappearing Deductible option. The Disappearing Deductible option provides the customer's selling dealer, the option to waive the $100 deductible when the customer returns to the selling dealership for a repair covered under the plan. Under this plan option, if the customer goes to another dealership for a covered repair, they will have to pay the $100 deductible. This is a unique customer retention tool, which is not available on many competitive products.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Tire and Wheel Protection covers repair or replacement for flats and damaged wheels caused by road hazards, including installation by trained service professionals, 24-hour roadside assistance and emergency protection. With no deductible, all expenses incurred with repairing or replacing tires or wheels are covered, including parts, labor, mounting, balancing, valve stems, taxes and proper disposal of non-repairable tire or wheel.

GAP plans

GAP protects customers from owing certain amounts on a stolen or totaled vehicle. While most standard GAP products only cover a portion of a vehicle's total value, GM GAP products cover the deficiency between an unpaid finance balance (except for past due payments) and an insurer's settlement amount for finance amounts up to $125,000. Financial loss up to $75,000 is covered, including up to $1,000 of an insurer's physical damage deductible.

All protection plans are available on new, used or leased vehicles. Plans are transferable, which may increase resale value, and cancelable offering additional customer reassurance. Note, these protection plan products are offered by GM and are alternatives to and not part of the General Motors Protection Plan (GMPP) program.

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