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Commercial Lending gets busy with dealer satisfaction

Commercial Lending gets busy with dealer satisfaction

Published Sep. 2014

Commercial Lending gets busy with dealer satisfaction, 2014

Customer service is the name of the game, and our Commercial Lending Services (CLS) team knows how to win. In September, CLS added a Commercial Account Management (CAM) group to the team to serve as a dedicated point of contact for all of our dealers' commercial lending needs. For any issues, questions or concerns regarding approved lines of credit, additional requests or modification of lines, inventory audits, flooring of vehicles, etc., dealers now have a committed team focused on ensuring they are happy with the service they are receiving from GM Financial.

National Commercial Account Manager Kell Kisrow explained, "We realized that dealers didn't have one point of contact to call when they had concerns with their commercial account; we developed the CAM group to be a single, dedicated point-of-contact for existing dealers after they have been on-boarded."

Each CAM is accountable for troubleshooting every commercial-related concern that pops up and providing a timely solution for the dealer. This frees up other CLS groups such as funding, underwriting, inventory control, and business development, so they can manage their responsibilities more efficiently.

"Customer service is paramount to success within our industry, and we realize by incorporating a customer service approach to our business, we can offer a better experience than our competitors," noted Brian Stratton, Vice President of Business Development. "Further, everyone in this position has an analytical background and a keen understanding of the commercial lending business. I'm confident that our Commercial Account Managers, along with our Account Representatives, can provide an absolutely positive experience for our commercial dealers."

"Adding this additional support to the CLS group will enable our GM Financial Account Representatives as well," said Jonas Hollandsworth, Executive Vice President of U.S. Sales and Credit Operations. "With the dedicated CAM group, our Account Representatives no longer have to find the right contact within CLS to solve an issue for current floorplan dealers, and they have assurance that their dealers' commercial concerns are being heard and taken care of. The Account Representative simply directs all concerns to the CAM knowing that they can solve the issue, so the Account Representative is free to focus on providing the auto finance solutions our dealers need." Adding the CAM team is just one more accomplishment for the CLS team, as they've been busy ramping up their game all year long...

Introduce The Right Lease℠ to your business customers.

In August, we rolled out The Right Lease for business customers, and we hope you'll introduce this commercial closed-end lease product to qualified businesses looking to lease a GM vehicle for their business needs.

With The Right Lease qualified businesses can lease their predictable-use commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans and passenger cars. We offer consolidated billing for business customers with more than one leased vehicle, and lines of credit for customers who lease multiple vehicles totaling over $250,000. Take a look at this for more details.

This is the first product in our suite of Commercial Vehicle Lending (CVL) products, stay tuned to see what we're bringing to your dealership in early 2015.

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