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Digital Dealer Lease Calculator Launches

Digital Dealer Lease Calculator Launches

Published Oct. 2014

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GM dealers have a new tool to help their lease business. A new and improved was launched this month, replacing the previous version that has been in use since late 2011.

"This new version of the dealer lease calculator represents a major milestone in how we're able to support our GM dealers," said Marvin Manning, Assistant Vice President of Strategy & Marketing - eVendor Integration. "It includes several enhancements that were previously unavailable, and is indicative of the progress GM Financial is making as a full-spectrum, captive lender."

Dealers checking out the new calculator today should immediately recognize the improvements. The previous version was Excel-based and had to be updated manually on a monthly basis. However, problems sometimes arose when dealers didn't use the most up-to-date version, or had difficulty navigating through their options.

To address these issues, the Dealer Services System Integration team partnered with Pricing to create a new, cutting-edge tool. "To put it simply, this new version is an improvement in almost every way, from its aesthetics to its ease-of-use to its ability to update in real time," said Robert Lucas, Salesforce Technical Analyst.

The new calculator is web-based, and is compatible with mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones. Selecting the GM vehicle in which dealers are interested is now just a touch or mouse click away, and the results can be printed in a special easy-to-read mode, or downloaded as a PDF document. "We built it on Salesforce's Force.com platform, which gives us additional Salesforce components that we can develop and deploy," Lucas said.

And the new calculator's usefulness doesn't end there. "Beyond simply calculating a payment, the lease calculator is also meant to help educate dealers on our pricing and program parameters," explained Amit Patel, Vice President of Pricing. Since the new calculator can be updated in real time, dealers will now always have the most up-to-date information, right at their fingertips.

"The calculator has become an integral tool for dealers in the lease process," Patel concluded. "We are excited and pleased with this new web-based version, and the Salesforce development team has done an outstanding job creating the user interface. I think dealers will find it very helpful and easy to use."

Information about the new calculator is available on GlobalConnect, and additional company calculator updates are in the works. The previous version of the dealer lease calculator will also temporarily continue to be updated and published.

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