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Motor Inn Auto Group of Iowa chooses GM Financial for floorplan needs

Motor Inn Auto Group of Iowa chooses GM Financial for floorplan needs

Published Feb. 2014

Motor Inn Auto Group, Iowa, GM Financial
Left to Right: Greg Studer, Joe Bartuch, George Ruboyianes and Danialle Hoffman from GM Financial; Nancy Rosburg and Mark Heywood from Motor Inn Auto Group.

In November 2013, GM Financial established a floorplan relationship with the Motor Inn Auto Group of Iowa. While the takeover occurred near Thanksgiving, it represented the culmination of work that originally began more than eight months earlier.

"We had many individuals from all over the company helping out with this particular deal," said Brian Stratton, vice president of Business Development for the Commercial Lending team. "Our agreement involves eight dealerships within the Motor Inn Group, and because of the contributions of many different team members– especially our Sales team – we were able to establish another important floorplan relationship."

Discussions began in the spring, when Regional Sales Manager George Ruboyianes and Account Representative Danialle Hoffman began talking with Motor Inn Group owner Mark Heywood. "Like any other owner, Mr. Heywood had been approached before from other lenders trying to offer deals that sounded too good to be true," said Ruboyianes. "Thankfully, after several months of discussion, we were able to show how switching to GM Financial was the most beneficial and cost-effective move for his dealerships."

Around August, the Commercial Lending team entered the picture, helping finalize the deal. "We wanted Mr. Heywood to realize our full value proposition, including outstanding customer service," Stratton said. "Any time a question was brought up; we answered it quickly and honestly. When there were questions about our computer system, we organized an online demonstration to show that there wouldn't be a problem. In the end, it was our willingness to put in the extra effort that proved to Mr. Heywood that GM Financial was his best floorplan option."

Mr. Heywood reflected on his experience by saying, "The time was right to make a change, and going with the lender that's a captive of General Motors was an attractive prospect and made a lot of sense."

Heywood has one piece of advice for any GM dealer considering a move to GM Financial's floorplan program: "Do it. They make it a very simple process, and it's very seamless to make the change."

If you are interested in learning more about GM Financial's , contact your Account Representative for details or email us at CommercialLending@gmfinancial.com.

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