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Online credit application leads to over $5 million in total fundings

Online credit application leads to over $5 million in total fundings

Published Jan. 2016


Last November, GM Financial successfully launched a new online credit application to generate leads for GM dealerships. As a result, GM sales data shows that 530 vehicles were sold before the end of 2015! 

Not only does our online application lead to additional sales, but also more fundings. As of yesterday, GM Financial has funded 139 vehicles totaling more than $5,509,979.

“We’re excited to see the impact of such a powerful online tool,” said Ken Lenneman, VP Online Marketing. “Even in just a short period of time, it’s been a great source of leads for GM dealers.”

The online application is a convenient way for consumers to source funding for the purchase of a GM vehicle using a GM dealer and GM Financial as their preferred financing sources. It was first launched on gmfinancial.com, but ultimately rolled out to other GM brand sites, including GMFamilyFirst.com, Buick.com, Cadillac.com, Chevrolet.com and GMC.com.

“It’s been great to see early success with the online credit app and this is just phase one,” said Lenneman. “We’ll continue to add functionality to the tool over the next year in order to improve the customer experience and help GM sell more vehicles.”

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