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GM Financial Launching CVL the Right Trac℠ Product June 22

GM Financial Launching CVL the Right Trac℠ Product June 22

Published Jul. 2016

As your captive auto finance company, GM Financial's goal is to help you sell more GM vehicles. That's why we offer full-spectrum lease and retail options for your customers, including Commercial Vehicle Lending (CVL) programs tailored to meet your business customers' needs.

CVL Right Trac

GM Financial is pleased to announce an exciting addition to the CVL product lineup. Beginning June 22, CVL will offer The Right TRAC℠ , an open-ended lease program that allows business customers to determine their monthly payment and residual based on their unique business needs. The program comes with end-of-lease options and offers the ability for the customer to customize their vehicles with upfit equipment.

The CVL product line has continually expanded since we launched the program in late 2014, with the launch of The Right Lease℠ for business customers. Then in early 2015, CVL expanded its product line by adding Municipal Lease. Traditional Financing (APR) was the most recent product launched in November of 2015. Today's new product announcement is a direct result of our continued commitment to providing you with full captive capabilities to support you and your business customers.


GM Financial's The Right TRAC program is the perfect option for your business customers who prefer to skip excess mileage or wear-and-tear restrictions. The Right TRAC puts the customer in the driver's seat by giving them the ability to customize their vehicle with a body, signage or equipment.

The Right TRAC offers options at the end of the lease agreement:

  • Purchase the vehicle for the agreed-upon terminal value
  • Trade in the vehicle (customer responsible for any residual shortage)
  • GM Financial sells the vehicle and the customer keeps any surplus (or owes any shortage)


Click here for program highlights

Our experienced team is excited about this new offering and is ready to guide you through this new product. For more information on Commercial Vehicle Lending, contact your Commercial Dealer Account Representative or the CVL team at 1-800-291-2711 or CVL@gmfinancial.com.


Jonas Hollandsworth
Executive Vice President U.S. Sales and Credit Operations

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