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Better alignment with GM: How it benefits you

Better alignment with GM: How it benefits you

Published May. 2017

Better alignment with GM

As GM Financial continues to grow as a captive finance company, our alignment with GM continues to solidify. Better alignment of priorities and interactions with you culminates in better leads and more vehicles sold for you.

You may have heard that we will soon be realigning our Dealer Account Representatives (DARs) to one of two divisionally branded roles. This new alignment will allow our DARs to work in cooperation with their GM counterpart on either Chevrolet or Buick GMC Cadillac. We will also be streamlining the alignment of our credit centers and dealerships to ensure you have simpler and more efficient interactions with us.

These changes will help our DARs maintain better contact with GM to help manage inventory, identify opportunities for down-payment assistance, and fully realize the coordinated relationship that can result in more sales opportunities for you. Having representatives that can better see your business as a whole with more customized service is an advantage we are confident will benefit all of us.

Your new DAR will reach out to you soon to help facilitate this transition and to help you understand more of the benefits of this strategic shift in approach. We are confident that you will experience increased tangible and sustainable results with this realignment.

Driving to become “One Team” is a big priority for GM. At GM Financial, we are committed to doing everything we can to aspire toward that goal while continuing to provide you a remarkable experience and helping you grow your business.

Questions about the changes? Contact us at 1-888-556-4616 or by email at DealerRelations@gmfinancial.com.

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