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Build your Business with This Personal Touch

Build your Business with This Personal Touch

Published Jul. 2017

Build your business with this personal touch

With all of the digital means of communication in the world today, it’s no wonder that handwritten notes are on the endangered list. While this may ring true in most businesses, the impact that a handwritten letter can have on a customer is immense.

At GM Financial, Customer Concierge is a service that personalizes our company to our customers. With notes tailored to different scenarios and a wide array of options that can create a remarkable experience, these little notes can make a big difference.

Use Note Templates

If you’re on the hunt for a different way of reaching your customers that is personal without being intrusive or overly-marketed, handwritten letters are the way to go. We suggest having templates for a variety of occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, weddings – to ensure you’re able to connect with your customers during the big moments in their lives.

There are a few ways to be successful in this endeavor:

  • Be sincere. Sincerity deepens the connection you have with your audience so use casual, professional language.
  • Be legible. If you go through the process of writing and sending a note, it deserves to be read.
  • Be certain. Verifying information is vital. Sending an inaccurate note can quickly and easily backfire. When an apology may be warranted, ensure there is a process in place to have content reviewed and approved before sending.
  • Be simple. Don’t be stumped by the simplicity that these notes require. Use language that is professional, easy to read, and consistent with your dealership’s brand.

Utilizing an old-school method of communication can help you retain customers and perhaps earn referrals. Try this simple communication strategy and add a personal touch for a truly remarkable experience for your customers.

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