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Down Payment Assistance: 4 reasons why it can be good for your dealership

Down Payment Assistance: 4 reasons why it can be good for your dealership

Published Apr. 2017

At GM Financial, Down Payment Assistance (DPA) is much more than a routine monthly program – it’s another way we can help drive more customers through your doors. Check out this short list of how we’re setting out to do just that:

  1. Generally, DPA programs are consumer-friendly and boost traffic to your showroom. Plus, when customers feel like you’re going the extra mile to get them into a new vehicle, they’re more likely to return to your dealership and finance their next vehicle, resulting in increased customer retention.
  2. GM Financial’s retail and lease retention rates are industry-leading. This is just one of the many reasons it makes sense to stick with the GM captive. Additionally, a recent upgrade to our DPA program allows it to be used on both supported and non-supported finance contracts through GM Financial.
  3. We understand consumers have options when it comes to financing their vehicle and deciding which incentives are best for their situation. Through our research, industry experience and alignment with GM programs, we strive to align our program with consumer needs while providing you with the knowledge to guide your customers to the offer which best satisfies those needs.
  4. Our DPA program is one you can depend on. GM and GM Financial will occasionally review DPA offers, but you should expect to be able to continue offering DPA as a consistent consumer incentive. Remember, DPA programs will naturally change across program cycles, various levels and models.

For more information about our Down Payment Assistance program, please contact your Dealer Account Representative.

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