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Earning rewards with test drives

Earning rewards with test drives

Published Aug. 2017

By Brian Stratton

When we re-launched Dealer Dividends, our goal was to provide you with a better rewards program that is easier to use. Our main focus during the re-launch was to better support and incentivize dealers who are highly engaged with GM Financial. Several of our floorplan dealers have already experienced success on the new program.

Just ask the folks at West Side GM in Berlin, Wis; their testimonial speaks to how powerful and impactful the revamped program can be. This is one of many dealerships that have utilized Dealer Dividends to help grow their business while creating remarkable experiences for customers and future sales opportunities.

Reinvesting in Your Business

The most noticeable change to Dealer Dividends was an introduction of our 2x multiplier for select model vehicles. The 2x multiplier allows dealers an innovative way to spend Dealer Dividends utilizing additional down payment assistance (DPA) or cap cost reduction (CCR), which enhances your retail offering to customers.

The 2x multiplier and traditional DPA/CCR options in the program are so powerful that over 70 percent of all redeemed Dealer Dividends have been allocated to these options. These unique benefits allow you the opportunity to help customers get behind the wheel of a new vehicle more easily.

Test-Driving the Program

We understand that changing floorplan providers is a large and important decision for a dealership and its employees, so we have a “test drive” program to help non-floorplan dealers earn Dealer Dividends during the application and transition process.

After submitting a floorplan application with GM Financial, non-floorplan dealers earn rewards at 50 percent during the transition to completing the floorplan process. The remaining 50 percent is accrued and paid in cash after the floorplan takeover.

During the test drive, dealers have access to our new 2x multiplier option and our cash-out option, which are available exclusively to floorplan dealers. Additional lease enhancements for floorplan dealers are also accrued and paid to the dealer after they’ve moved their floorplan to GM Financial.

Another goal we had when re-launching the program was to increase our GM floorplan market share to more than 20 percent in 2017. Given the early results and popularity of the new benefits and test drive offer, we are on pace to exceed our target for the year.

We continue to evolve our benefits to offer you the best rewards program in the industry. However, to take advantage of everything the program offers, you must be a floorplan dealer. Learn more about the exclusive Dealer Dividends floorplan benefits as well as some of the other benefits floorplanning with GM Financial can offer your business.

Contact your Dealer Account Representative to learn how you can begin your “test drive” today. Or, if you’re already enjoying the benefits of being a floorplan dealer, we encourage you to tell other dealers to take the test drive.

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