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Help your Customer wave goodbye to Wear-And-Use Fees

Help your Customer wave goodbye to Wear-And-Use Fees

Published Aug. 2017

Keeping customers happy is key to generating repeat business for your dealership. Simplifying the lease-end process and helping them avoid fees is one of the best ways you can help create customers for life.

Going forward, GM Financial will now waive excess wear-and-use charges when you ground and purchase a customer’s vehicle on GMF DealerSource for the Market-Based Price.

By purchasing a grounded vehicle with this new process, you get the benefits of having a vehicle ready to turn around and sell on your lot, and you keep your customers happy since they won’t have excess wear-and-use charges after completing their lease. Fewer fees equal happier customers.

Benefits for you and your dealership

  • Simplifies the end-of-term process
  • All lessee liability information is presented upfront on the End-of-Term Options page allowing for informed decisions when you’re desking a new deal
  • Eliminates rolling over a customer’s excess wear-and-use charges into a new deal
  • Promotes a positive customer experience and potentially improved CSI score
  • Streamlines the vehicle inspection process by removing the immediate inspection request after grounding to avoid attempts to inspect the vehicle during the grounding dealer exclusivity period

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