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Three ways we're helping you meet your next customer

Three ways we're helping you meet your next customer

Published Jan. 2017

As our business continues to grow, GM Financial is constantly looking for more opportunities to help support you. We understand how important customer leads are in selling vehicles, so here are three ways we're driving leads directly to your dealership.

Year end leads report

Streamlined and convenient pre-qualification

Our Online Credit Application is designed to help boost leads for your dealership and save time for customers during the in-store experience.

Here’s how it works:

  • Before going to your dealership, the customer completes an Online Credit Application.
  • After submitting, the customer will see a decision in the browser with more information about their pre-qualification status, your dealership's contact details, and a recommendation to reach out to your dealership.
  • The customer is then ready to head to your dealership to pick out their new vehicle, or contact you to discuss other financing options.

Pre-qualified applicants will also receive an email with more details. Declined applicants will continue to receive an adverse action letter in the mail.

By the numbers

In 2016, GM Financial directed almost 28,000 leads your way from our Online Credit Application. That’s almost 28,000 opportunities to get a customer into a new or pre-owned vehicle and increase business at your dealership.


Reaching beyond the web, we get your dealership name and contact information into the customer’s home or mailbox through our Dealer Direct Mail Program. With the goal of driving leads directly to you, customers in your area are pre-qualified and prompted to visit your dealership.

The process:

  • Leads are identified: pre-qualified, credit-scored and near your dealership.
  • Mailers are sent to the prospect list.
  • Potential customers call the interactive phone system number on the letter, hear their pre-qualification amount and are directed to visit your dealership.
  • The customer’s information, including their name, phone number and pre-qualification amount, is sent directly to your dealership’s BDC.
  • Your BDC can work the lead and set an appointment.

By the numbers

It’s true - dealerships like yours are already seeing results. Here’s how:

  • 7 to 9 vehicles are sold on average from 3,000-5,000 mailers
  • 38% of dealers sold 10 or more vehicles
  • 61% of the vehicles sold were new

Plus, our Dealer Direct Mail Program generated more new 13,000 leads for GM Financial dealers last year.


We take a lot of the guesswork out of payoff request leads. Whenever a customer who bought or leased a vehicle from your dealership requests a payoff, we send a lead through our online GMF Connect dealer portal, giving you a chance to re-route that business back to your shop.

By the numbers

In total, we pushed almost 90,000 retail and lease payoff request leads to you last year and plan on improving that number even more in 2017.

With our combined lead generation avenues, we delivered more than 350,000 leads to our dealers in 2016. Your decision to become a GM Financial dealer is a decision to be proud of. Take advantage of our business development tools available to you and let us help elevate your business.

Questions? Speak with your Dealer Account Representative or call Dealer Relations at 888-556-4616.

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