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March Dealer Direct Mail program is largest campaign to date

March Dealer Direct Mail program is largest campaign to date

Published Mar. 2017

December’s article shared how the Dealer Direct Mail program helps you reach more customers. You realized the benefit and now, we’re delivering the most leads yet to your dealership.

Through your participation, we’re delivering 562,502 personalized pre-qualified mailers this month. That’s huge. As your captive, we are dedicated to providing value with innovative ways to support your dealership’s profitability.

It’s impressive, but 562,502 is much more than a number to us. It signifies 562,502 household introductions to your dealerships, potential sales and moments of value.

Response rates are increasing

As we continue to refine the program based on statistics and your feedback, we’re excited to report that response rates have steadily been increasing:

  • You can expect a 0.80%-1.0% response with 15-25% of those responders financing or leasing a vehicle.
  • A few dealers have seen a response rate of more than 2%, resulting in as many as 20 vehicles sold at a single dealership from 3,600 mailers.
  • Overall, there is an average of 6 cars sold per dealer during each campaign.

If you haven’t participated in the program yet, grow your business with us. Learn more about our Dealer Direct Mail program by contacting your Dealer Account Representative.

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