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Unleash Commercial Sales With 2017 Tax Advantages

Unleash Commercial Sales With 2017 Tax Advantages

Published Nov. 2017

As we move into the final weeks of 2017, it’s time to rally your commercial customers, and here’s a great way to do it: Commercial customers can take advantage of applicable tax benefits when they purchase or lease before Dec. 31.

If businesses acquire the vehicles or equipment they need for next year by the end of this calendar year, they may be eligible to write it off during tax season and reduce their amount of 2017 taxable income. Plus, acquiring specific electric or hybrid vehicles may make your commercial customers eligible for further incentives and tax breaks.

Throughout November and December, GM Financial Commercial Vehicle Lending is offering a number of promotions and deals to entice your commercial customers to fill out their fleet and acquire the equipment they need to help their businesses thrive in 2018. To view current promotions, visit GMFConnect.com.

For more information on current Commercial Vehicle Lending products to help your business customers make the most of 2017, visit the link below:

Every company’s tax situation is different and tax laws may vary between states. Your customers should consult with a tax professional to understand their unique tax situation.

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