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4 tools to jump-start your year

4 tools to jump-start your year

Published Jan. 2018

Make the most of GM Financial’s full suite of digital tools, all designed to help you and your dealership operate more effectively. Jump-start your year with these four resources:

GMF Connect

GMF Connect is a personalized space that’s designed to make it easier for you to do business with us. Through our portal, you can access active GM Financial applications, view a dashboard of your monthly funding and performance, tap into training resources, and find other essential information.

You can find:

  • Product, pricing and program information
  • Contact us page with information for the sales and credit team members you work with
  • Direct links to GM GlobalConnect, GMF DealerSource, GMF Dealer Store and other helpful sites
  • Your most-requested forms, popular FAQs and job aids
  • Dealer statements
  • Income and leasing calculators
  • Dealer Dividends® resources and rewards calculator

Fun fact: The How Can We Help feature allows you to ask questions by topic without picking up the phone. Our Dealer Relations team will research your request and provide assistance during business hours so you can remain focused on your customers.

GMF DealerSource

GMF DealerSource is your one-stop source for pre-owned GM inventory – including GM Financial Off-Lease and GM Company Car and Rental vehicles – and tools for managing your customers’ lease-end process and source leads.

How it works:

  • Browse thousands of pre-owned vehicles available near you.
  • Track your portfolio of lease maturities and identify early opportunities using the Maturity Viewer tool.
  • Ground your customer’s leased vehicle using the End-of-Term Options tool.
  • Make informed purchasing decisions by receiving a Dealer Payoff Quote or Market-Based Price on returning lease vehicles to see if it’s right for your dealership.
  • Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC Dealers: Earn through the Essential Brand Elements (EBE) GMF DealerSource Purchase Bonus.
  • Cadillac Dealers: Purchase grounded vehicles to qualify for Pinnacle CPO rewards.

For more information on GMF DealerSource, view this video overview.

Dealer Marketing Book

The Dealer Marketing Book (DMB) is updated weekly with GM Financial program and product offerings. It’s where you’ll find the most current, detailed information about training, commercial lending, commercial vehicle lending, remarketing, leasing, monthly programs, flyers, contests, and much more.

How to navigate:

  • The DMB is categorized for easy searching. Click on categories on the left and a drop down of all related sub-topics will appear. Click on the title of the section you’re interested in learning about.
  • Interactive links will take you to other landing pages for more intricate details about certain topics.

Pro tip: Have a page you reference frequently? Add a bookmark. You can then send a link to the bookmarked page to anyone you choose.

Lead Generation Programs

Did you know we generate upward of 70,000 leads per month for dealers? Through lease returns, equity customers and payoffs, online credit applications, and prequalified direct-mail offers, we’re driving customers to your dealership.

How we serve you:

  • 47% of approved online credit application leads buy or lease a new or used GM vehicle.
  • We have 100 trained regional GM Digital District Managers and 400 sales team members at the ready to help you better understand the types of leads and the value of each.
  • When you enroll in the direct-mail program, prequalified prospects near your dealership receive a personalized letter from you with instructions to visit your dealership.

Learn how you can fully utilize the lead delivery pipeline in our “We Got This” advertorial in Automotive News.

We've got the tools to help you succeed in 2018. For more information on all the ways we are helping you achieve your goals, contact your Dealer Account Representative today.

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