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Training Tips: Creating a solid nonprime process

Training Tips: Creating a solid nonprime process

Published Nov. 2018

By Josh Blevins, GM Financial AVP Dealer Training

GM Financial offers a Nonprime Workshop to teach you how to refine your focus and approach to a large segment of potential customers. Nearly 40%* of Americans need nonprime auto financing options. If you set up a solid process for working with these customers, you can help ensure your dealership's long-term success.

Here are three key takeaways from the training you can use to start accelerating your nonprime business today.

  1. You've got to want it:

    Working with this customer base is going to have its challenges, and it may take some additional effort. But if you take care of these customers, you can earn customers for life. And when they tell their families, friends and neighbors how great it was shopping with you, you'll have additional revenue and retention opportunities within reach.

  2. It's about what they need:

    Not all nonprime customers are the same because their situations can be drastically different. If you have the right attitude, do a good job of fact finding and lead customers to the right vehicle for them, then both you and your customers will be on the right path.

  3. Anticipate potential roadblocks:

    Avoid frustration and determine what you may need to get the deal funded. If you gather stips upfront, you can speed up the process and build your customer's confidence by creating a more positive buying experience.

Ready to integrate a nonprime focus into your sales strategy, learn how to generate nonprime leads and structure deals? Talk to your Dealer Account Representative about attending or hosting a GM Financial Nonprime Workshop. For other training opportunities, email DTD@gmfinancial.com.

*Experian's 2018 Q1 State of the Automotive Finance Report

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