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Driving customers to your dealership

Driving customers to your dealership

Published Dec. 2018

Continuing to drive more business back to our GM family of dealers will always be one of our top priorities. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve invested so heavily in improving and streamlining the experience for our customers in 2018 with a continued push in 2019.

We’re constantly growing the number of new-vehicle leads through initiatives like the online credit application (OCA) on the GM and GM Financial websites, as well as with dealers who opt in to hosting the application on their own websites. Through October of this year, we’ve sent more than 140,000 leads to dealers via the OCA that turned into more than 35,000 new sales.

“Taking care of our dealers by helping generate leads for them is something we take pride in and are constantly pushing to increase,” said Will Stacy, Chief Marketing Officer. “Once we help that dealer earn a customer, keeping the dealer at the top of the customer’s mind and providing great service is the next step in helping retain that customer.”

That nurturing process continues after a customer fills out an application and is prequalified. When the customer heads in to the dealership to finalize the deal, the branded F&I envelopes we provide serve as a reminder about your dealership every time customers reference their paperwork.

Once they become a GM Financial customer, they get to take advantage of our many digital improvements. The GM Financial Mobile app, as well as the updated MyAccount, helps customers service their accounts more easily. Plus, when they log in, they have your dealership information at their fingertips, so they can continue to keep you top of mind for service as they think about their next vehicle.

Finally, when lease customers reach the last 12 months before maturity, we send mailed and digital communications that urge them to engage with your dealership, so you can retain them and help them lease a new vehicle.

“Improving the experience for our customers is a constant labor of love,” said Will. “We know that our customers many times see GM Financial and our dealers as part of the same team, so our efforts in creating a remarkable experience are all meant to translate back to repeat business to our dealers throughout a customer’s contract period.”

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