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Use These 5 Tricks to get the most Treats out of Our Dealer Portal, GMF Connect.

Use These 5 Tricks to get the most Treats out of Our Dealer Portal, GMF Connect.

Published Oct. 2018

Don’t get spooked by GMF Connect. Here are five tips to make the most of this great tool.

  1. Check the “Remarketing” page to see what other dealers are paying for lease returns that you passed on. Either be reassured that you made the right call, or get the intel you need to adjust your buying strategy.
  2. Have you noticed a blinking red exclamation point next to “Leads” on your top navigation bar? This means you have leads waiting. Don’t ghost your customers. Clear the queue by checking this tab regularly.
  3. You don’t have to be a mad scientist to restructure applications. In the “Approval Center” you can adjust the payment structure, view applicable GM incentives, consider different lease options and apply Dealer Dividends® to close the deal.

    REMINDER: You can now access your Dealer Reserve Statements by clicking “Correspondence” on the top navigation bar and selecting “Consolidated/Reserves” from the drop-down menu.

  4. No need to consult the spirits when you have a question. The “How Can We Help” feature allows you to submit questions by topic. Our Dealer Relations team will then research your request and assist you during business hours.
  5. Don’t let contracts turn into skeletons because they’re missing stipulations. On the “Contract Status” page, you can review which contracts need fleshing out by printing an “In-House Summary Report.” You can then quickly upload the missing documents, which will be sent to GM Financial’s Funding team.

If you have questions about GMF Connect, get locked out of your account or need assistance resetting your password, please contact our Dealer Relations team.

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