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Commercial Vehicle Lending

Commercial Vehicle Lending


In a crowded market place, the ability to reach your customers is important, and GM Financial can help your dealership rise above the rest.

Our experienced team understands the sophisticated demands and complex financing requirements of today’s commercial borrower. GM Financial offers Commercial Vehicle Lending products to suit the unique needs of your business customers. Whether they’re looking for a couple units for a small business or a fleet for their growing operation, GM Financial Commercial Vehicle Lending offers your customers customizable options and time-saving solutions.

The Full Product Lineup

Traditional Finance (APR)

Our program is the perfect option for commercial customers who prefer to own their new or used commercial vehicles. Business customers can drive as little or as much as their business requires. The freedom is theirs. We also offer the ability for commercial customers to customize their commercial use vehicles with various up-fit options to meet their business needs. Additionally, we offer various payment options, such as monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual.

The Right Lease℠ for Business Customers

If your customers are interested in leasing one commercial vehicle or looking to bolster a fleet, GM Financial has the right closed-end lease program tailored specifically for business customers. For predictable-use commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans and passenger cars, The Right Lease is the right fit to help your business customers succeed. The Right Lease provides customers with the ability to lease vehicles without the responsibility of full ownership.

Municipal Lease

Municipalities need vehicles in order to function, and GM Financial has the right option that allows public entities to finance essential-use vehicles. From police and fire departments to school districts, and local government, GM Financial can help get these sectors rolling in the right direction. This product includes low, tax-exempt rates, easy and convenient documentation, and flexible payment options (annual, semi-annually and quarterly).

The Right TRAC℠ Lease

Our open-ended lease program features unlimited mileage and no wear-and-tear restrictions. This product allows your customers to customize vehicles with up-fit equipment and can also set the payment and residual based on their business’s operations.

Customizeable Options

Because your customer is the boss

These innovative options are available on all of GM Financial’s Commercial Vehicle Lending products, giving your customer’s business a competitive advantage.

Personal Guarantor

Enables an individual to guarantee the contract, but not be listed as a party on the contract, preserving personal credit.

Line of Credit

Allows businesses to conveniently acquire vehicles without having to continually provide financial statements for each additional vehicle requested. Amounts begin at $250,000 and are reviewed annually.

Combined Billing

Provides commercial customers with the option of consolidating all of their commercial vehicle accounts on a single invoice with a common due date.

Master Lease & Loan Agreement

Allows commercial customers to only have to execute one master agreement, with subsequent vehicles delivered more efficiently using a one-page schedule.

Upfit Financing Options

Offers commercial customers the ability to add upfitted bodies to meet their unique business needs.

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