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Line of Credit

Line of Credit

Speed things along with a line of credit

GM Financial’s commercial Line of Credit allows businesses to conveniently purchase or lease multiple new or pre-owned vehicles. Establish a commercial Line of Credit with GM Financial, and business customers can skip the credit approval process traditionally required every time they finance an additional vehicle. Line of Credit amounts begin at $250,000 and are reviewed annually.

A Line of Credit is easier on your business customer’s bank account. Reserve specific funds for acquiring commercial vehicles and save bank lines of credit for other business needs. GM Financial’s commercial Line of Credit is customizable, allowing business customers
to add vehicles using any of our other commercial products and features. With a commercial Line of Credit, customers can purchase vehicles quicker and easier when they need them. With all of these streamlined processes, customers will be on a roll. Additionally, GM Financial’s commercial Line of Credit can be combined with other services; such as our combined billing statements and Master Loan/ Lease Agreements.

Our commercial experts are committed to providing quality products, innovative business solutions and exceptional customer experiences. Here’s why GM Financial Commercial Vehicle Lending is the right fit for business customers:

  • Centralized location allows customers to easily do business with us
  • Customizable products meet a diverse range of customers’ needs
  • Convenient hours mean we’re open when your customer’s business is open
  • Nationwide sales coverage - we’re where your customers are
  • Staffed by a knowledgeable team of professionals who are experienced in commercial lending
  • Our team matches your customers with the commercial products they need
  • Innovative product features enhance ease of doing business
  • Competitive rates made possible through our exclusive relationship as GM’s captive
  • GM Financial is your one-stop shop for all your customer’s auto finance business needs

Explore Commercial Vehicle Lending and find out why it’s the right solution for your business customers.

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