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The Right Lease℠

The Right Lease℠ For Business Customers

The Right Lease is the right fit.

GM Financial’s The Right Lease for business customers is a closed-end commercial lease product offering competitive pricing and terms for predictable-use Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac vehicles. Under The Right Lease, business customers assume no residual risk, pay only for the portion of the vehicle actually used, and have the option of purchasing additional mileage at a reduced rate up front. Additional benefits include options for combined billing, warranty/service programs, and single-pay leasing. Learn more about how The Right Lease for business customers can work for your customers!

Leasing offers flexible asset management, affordable payments.

The Right Lease allows business customers to lease vehicles without the responsibility of full ownership. This lease type may qualify as off-balance-sheet financing. A tax advisor should be consulted.

The Right Lease also offers options at the end of your lease agreement:

  • Trade in the vehicle for a new model
  • Purchase the vehicle for your continued use
  • Purchase the vehicle and sell it
  • Drop off the keys and turn in the vehicle

The Right Lease for business customers offers:

  • Personal guaranty and corporate guaranty options available
  • Lower monthly payments can help with cash management
  • Reliable transportation for a business’s employees
  • Shorter terms will keep fleets new and reliable
  • Consolidated billing statements make for easy payment and account management
  • Financing of extended protection plans


  • A lease typically requires less money up front allowing for increased cash flow to invest in a customer’s business
  • Avoid the potential risks that a vehicle’s value has declined beyond its projected residual value at the end of a lease term
  • Most lease terms are within the factory warranty period, helping your customers avoid possible costly repairs
  • Affordable payments and shorter terms allow customers to look at newer models with more options

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