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The Right Trac

The Right Trac℠

For those who drive in the flex lane.

If flexibility is your customer’s driver, consider The Right TRAC, GM Financial’s open-ended lease product designed with the commercial customer in mind. With The Right TRAC, skip excess mileage or wear-and-tear restrictions because the business customer is responsible for the vehicle’s residual at lease-end. Put your business customers in the driver’s seat by giving them the ability to determine the monthly payment as they set the terms and residuals that fit their unique business needs.

Does your customer’s vehicle require modification or upfitting? Customize The Right TRAC to meet their specific business needs. It’s your customer’s vehicle, so add a body, signage or equipment.

Download The Right TRAC℠ Program Flyer

The Right TRAC also offers options at the end of a lease agreement:

  • Purchase the vehicle for the agreed-upon terminal value
  • Trade in the vehicle (customer responsible for any residual shortage)
  • GM Financial sells the vehicle and the customer keeps any surplus (or owes any shortage)


  • Flexible residuals
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Terms ranging from 24-60 months
  • No excess mileage restrictions
  • No excess wear-and-tear charges
  • Wide range of vehicle upfits and modifications
  • Compatible with service contracts and other aftermarket products
  • Master Lease Agreements available to simplify documentation
  • Bundle with GM Financial’s commercial Line of Credit product

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