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Coming soon: the GM Financial Rehash Calculator

Coming soon: the GM Financial Rehash Calculator

Published February 2017

The scenario: It's another late night at the dealership and you're closing the final deal. Just as you thought you had a real winner, the customer tells you his down payment is actually $500 less and that he wants the service contract. The GM Financial credit centers are closed for the day but you want to follow through and deliver. After all, that's what you're known for. What do you do?

GMF Rehash Calculator

In the past, trying to close this deal could have meant a return trip to the dealership for the customer. Waiting until the credit centers reopened or attempting to get your customer into a vehicle without the additional information would have been out of the question.

That's why we're excited to announce the release of the new GM Financial Rehash Calculator, so you don't have to relive this scene again – at least not on our watch.

Soon, when you have a last-minute change or need to update information, simply log onto GMF Connect, locate the rehash calculator, plug in the new details and voilá - you'll have a new, immediate decision.

Not to worry, our dedicated credit analysts are here to stay. They're still happy to help you if you prefer human interaction. Just think of this tool as an additional road to getting your answers, your way.

We'll be sending over additional information on how to find and use the rehash calculator. Until then, we'll continue developing ways to better support your business.

Welcome to the 2017 GM Financial.

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