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Exclusive! Two new remarketing benefits for floorplan dealers

Exclusive! Two new remarketing benefits for floorplan dealers

Published March 2017

Floorplan Dealers

Floorplan dealers understand that the accessibility of value is a big portion of what makes being part of the GM Financial family so beneficial. Through 2017, the remarketing benefits are even better, and the exclusive advantages make floorplanning with GM Financial pay off in a big way.

$3,000 Buy Fee credit

The first of two new benefits gives floorplan dealers a $3,000 credit on GMF DealerSource that can apply to Off-Lease vehicle buy fees. Dealers will receive the credits back in quarterly issued rebate checks.

30-day interest-free period

The second new perk provides a 30-day interest-free period for dealers who purchase Off-Lease vehicles on GMF DealerSource and finance them with GM Financial floorplan.

These enhancements are part of a larger initiative to help our dealerships realize the full value of the GM captive.

“The recent rollout of new and unique remarketing programs for floorplan dealers represent true competitive differentiation for GM Financial from others in the industry,” said Nick Heinz, Vice President of Remarketing. “We offer a very compelling value proposition to all GM dealers, but these enhancements add to the already rich suite of products available to our most important dealer relationships.”

More Remarketing floorplan privileges

  • Access to reduced Buy Fees of $25 per vehicle (50% off) for grounding dealers and $150 per vehicle (20% off) for non-grounding dealers on Off-Lease purchases.
  • Collect Dealer Dividends when purchasing vehicles you ground through GMF DealerSource, which graduate depending on which percentage is purchased.
  • Reduced fees when you sell your vehicles in GM Financial’s lane at a physical auction.

Stay tuned for more news on how we’re maximizing our benefits for dealers and what added perks make GM Financial an industry leader in floorplanning advantages.

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