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GM alignment inspires solutions to help make dealerships faster and stronger

GM alignment inspires solutions to help make dealerships faster and stronger

Published August 2017

GM alignment

In our industry, sustainable success relies upon relationships that fuel the ability to respond, adapt and deliver. GM Financial’s role as the full-service finance company for General Motors is the result of prioritizing the needs of our dealers and significantly expanding our capabilities and solutions.

Put simply, GM Financial’s relationship and alignment with GM have never been stronger. We have made bold, strategic strides to help you increase profitability and work faster. We have grown our lease and APR market penetration, invested in dealer service and relentlessly scaled our business to provide immense value to more than 4,200 GM dealers. Below, explore some of the areas we're aligning more closely with GM to better serve your dealership.

Investing in dealer service

Many of our Dealer Account Representatives are transitioning into divisionally branded roles to operate in closer coordination with Chevrolet, Buick GMC, and Cadillac representatives. This strategic alignment gives us the agility as one team to serve dealers faster and innovate in the face of industry challenges. As we grow, we will continue adapt to dealership needs, so this model may vary in different markets.

Growing to meet dealer needs

We recognize that each dealer’s market, customer base and challenges are different. To provide more specific service, we’re increasing our field sales representatives by 20%. We’re also placing senior leaders in GM’s regional offices across the U.S. with liaisons in Detroit and New York.

GM Financial is also working to provide dealerships with a dedicated, strategically realigned results team to help increase your profitability. The new Results Team includes:

  • A divisionally branded Dealer Account Representative
  • A dedicated primary credit analyst who understands specific dealership needs and challenges
  • A secondary credit analyst to support peak demand
  • A funding team at the ready

Our commitment to dealers is strong, and we’re not slowing down. Learn more about our alignment with GM in our new advertorial campaign inside the Aug. 28 issue of Automotive News.

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