Frequently Asked Questions

When will GM Financial contact a customer regarding his or her maturing lease?

What is included in a customer's End-of-Lease Guide?

When and where will the vehicle inspection take place? And, what is the dealership's involvement in this process?

If a customer makes repairs after the pre-termination inspection, will GM Financial require another inspection?

What happens if the vehicle is grounded without a pre-term inspection?

Does GM Financial require a customer to return his or her vehicle to the originating dealership?

Who is responsible for damage to the grounded vehicle while it's at the dealership?

How long will a returned lease vehicle remain on the dealership's lot prior to being picked up?

Can the dealer move the vehicle to a different location?

What are GM Financial's wear-and-use guidelines? How are customers charged?

What is GMF DealerSource?

How does a dealer enroll in and/or log on to

The grounding process includes four simple steps:

How long does a dealer have to decide whether or not he or she wants to purchase a returned lease vehicle?

Who at the dealership can make purchase decisions?

Can dealers access a list of upcoming lease maturities?

If the vehicle is severely damaged or has excess mileage, will the dealer's purchase options change

Can a dealer pull a CARFAX® and/or AutoCheck® report on the vehicles listed for sale?

Can a dealer post his or her inventory on GMF DealerSource?

Are the vehicles on GMF DealerSource sold in "as is" condition?

Who should a dealer contact if he or she wants to arbitrate a vehicle purchased on GMF DealerSource?

If a dealer purchases a vehicle at the Dealer Payoff Quote, is the customer still responsible for excess wear-and-use or excess mileage charges?

What happens if a dealer doesn't ground a vehicle by the vehicle maturity date?

Sale schedule

How does a dealer obtain a Dealer Payoff Quote?

Do GM Financial floorplan dealers receive a buy fee discount for purchases made on GMF DealerSource?

Can a dealer use alternative payment methods?

Can a dealer redeem Dealer Dividends® toward vehicle purchases on GMF DealerSource?

What type of sales does GM Financial run? And, what is the difference between closed and open sales?

Which types of vehicles does GM Financial sell, both online and at physical auction? Where can I find GM Financial inventory?

Does GM Financial participate in online and simulcast sales?

Through which physical auction locations does GM Financial sell vehicles?

How did you select the auctions where you offer vehicles?

How can I search GM Financial's repossessed inventory?

I would like to work with a GM Financial Remarketing Specialist. How do I find my nearest auction's Remarketing Specialist?

What certification standards does GM Financial follow for certifying remarketed vehicles in the Open Sales?

What certifications standards does GM Financial follow for certifying remarketed vehicles in the Closed Sales?

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