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GM Dealer Tools

Use these tools built exclusively for GM dealers.

GMF Connect

Access the Approval Center and find information on programs, performance, contract status and Dealer Dividends®.


Shop Off-Lease, Company Car, Rental or dealer-owned inventory and manage your maturing lease portfolio.

Income Calculator

Use this tool to quickly calculate an
estimated monthly income for your customers.

Solutions Built for Your Dealership

Financing Solutions

Our financing solutions are tailored for GM dealers and their customers. Find the right financing options for your customers and your dealership. 

Dealership Solutions

Our dealership solutions can drive your store’s profitability, grow your staff and maximize your customer retention — today and into the future.

Remarketing Solutions

Stocking your used car lot with premium GM vehicles has never been easier. Our solutions help keep your new and used car operations strong.

Dealer Insider

Episode 26: Used-Car Captive

October 07, 2022

Episode 26: Used-Car Captive

Jessup Auto Plaza in Cathedral City, California, was one of the first dealerships to move to GMF for floorplan financing. We’ve both come a long way since then. Watch as General Manager Dan Jessup explains how his dealership is maximizing profitability and how he “wouldn’t be where he is today” without the resources and support from GMF over the past 10 years.

Episode 25: Collaboration

August 18, 2022

Episode 25: Collaboration

Bo Mandal, chair of the national Buick GMC Dealer Council, believes “it’s the tougher deals that really define a relationship.” Watch the president of Mandal Buick GMC in D’Iberville, Mississippi, explain how collaboration with his lender and enhancements to dealer programs “changed the game forever.”

Ryan LaFontaine

July 01, 2022

Episode 24: Strategic Growth

Ryan LaFontaine is often asked how his business has grown from two dealerships to 28. The owner of LaFontaine Cadillac Buick GMC outside Detroit credits investing in the right relationships and being proactive. Watch as Ryan explains what has played a part in his business’ growth.

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