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GM Dealer Tools

GMF Connect & Approval Center

Access the Approval Center and find information on programs, performance, contract status and Dealer Dividends®.


Shop Off-Lease, Company Car, Rental or dealer-owned inventory and manage your maturing lease portfolio.

Income Calculator

Use this tool to quickly calculate an
estimated monthly income for your customers.

Products Built for Your Dealership

Floorplan & Dealer Dividends

Take a Test Drive to experience the benefits of GMF floorplan, including tiered reinvestment with Dealer Dividends®.

Dealer Training

Customize your staff’s development plan with virtual and in-person courses available from the GMF Dealer Training team.

GM Protection

Boost profitability and customer retention with a comprehensive, branded F&I product suite from GM Protection.

Dealer Insider

Secret Sauce Episode 30


Episode 30: Mark Hadfield

Mark Hadfield has been in the business long enough to know which way the wind blows, and he’s worked alongside GMF to perfect his customer retention system and ensure his team is ready to secure any customer who walks into his showroom. Watch Mark explain how floorplanning with GMF has helped him rise above competitors.

Secret Sauce Episode 29


Episode 29: Dan Broderick

Los Angeles is a notoriously difficult market, but Dan Broderick’s Cadillac of Beverly Hills has succeeded in making its mark landing at the top in regional performance. Find out how Dan's dealership continues to grow steadily with GMF's support despite stiff competition from other nearby luxury makes vying for the same customer base.

Secret Sauce Episode 28


Episode 28: Todd Ingersoll

Todd Ingersoll has made his mark on the auto industry. Rising from a first-generation Saturn dealer to a fixture on councils and a pillar of his community, Todd explains how he collaborated with GMF to fight his way into a highly competitive market and make Ingersoll Automotive in Danbury, Connecticut, the powerhouse dealership it is today.

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