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Training for Your Success

Your staff needs to stay at the top of their game, and the expert GMF Dealer Training team can help. With several virtual and in-person courses available, you can customize your staff's development plan so you can retain and serve your customers like a pro by improving sales techniques and mastering our tools.

PACT Training

Great salespeople are made from the sum of their experience and education, and GMF's Professional Automotive Consulting Techniques (PACT) training delivers that. Give your sales staff the strategies they need to bolster your dealership's sales numbers, retention and bottom line.

Who should attend: New Sales and F&I staff, or those who need a refresher.

Lease Training

Want to prepare your dealership for long-term success? Capitalize on repeat business and increased referrals by signing up for GMF's Lease Training, giving you and your staff access to in-depth knowledge about lease financing, like lease selling tips, processes and benefits.

Who should attend: Sales and F&I staff at low lease volume stores.

Red Flag & Identity Theft Awareness Training

Technology is always evolving, and dealers need to be more prepared than ever to face the growing threat of fraud. Take GMF's one-hour, virtual Red Flag & Identity Theft Awareness Training to learn up-to-date tips and tricks for identifying potential fraud and identity theft threats.

Who should attend: Staff looking to brush up on fraud prevention tactics.

Strategic Development Management Training

Make the most out of the F&I side of your business with support from the Strategic Development Management team designed to reach your business goals. Register for free training to get access to expert business development insights, train new employees on F&I best practices and more.

Who should attend: F&I staff at dealerships enrolled with GM Protection.

Free Approval Center Demo

Want to rehash deals, manage incentives and apply Dealer Dividends with ease? Talk to your GMF Rep to
see what the Approval Center can do.

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