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Want more returning customers?

Did you know 3 out of 4 lessees purchase or lease another GM vehicle? Lease is more than just an alternative form of financing. It is an opportunity to develop a steady stream of repeat and referral customers.

As your exclusive lease provider, GMF’s Lease Training prepares your dealership for long-term success with this form of financing.

Audience: Sales and Finance Staff

You'll learn how to:

Become an expert on leasing basics and benefits

Make leasing part of the everyday sales process

Find the best options for your customer's needs

Master repeat and referral lease business

Sales Staff: Get the basics

  • Practice asking informative questions
  • Learn to anticipate and answer customer concerns
  • Role-play common dealership scenarios
  • Discuss best practices

Sales Desk: See the big picture

  • Develop a desking strategy with Sales Managers
  • Structure a lease in your DMS
  • Identify short- and long-term benefits of leasing

Finance Staff: Close the deal

  • Learn to verify programming accuracy
  • Role-play presenting single-pay lease option
  • Learn to anticipate and answer customer concerns

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To enroll your dealership in GMF Lease Training, contact us at

1Based on January 2016 to December 2021 IHS Markit Loan Return-to-Market Manufacturer Loyalty. Data based on disposal methodology and GM custom segmentation in the U.S. among all major U.S. captives.


From time to time, GM Financial facilitates and provides training for dealers to assist them with their business needs. GM Financial assumes no responsibility for the actions or conduct of a dealership or its employees. The information contained in any training material is not legal advice. Dealers should consult their own counsel for any legal issues or questions. Events are subject to cancellation or delay, in accordance with all federal and local laws and restrictions.

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