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F&I products from brands
customers trust

Putting customers in cars is your specialty. GM Protection can bring them peace of mind wherever the road takes them. Boasting a comprehensive, branded F&I product suite and innovative revenue programs, GM Protection offers several avenues to support your bottom line. Enroll now to experience other benefits like:

  • Advanced business tools for seamless operations
  • Training and business development programs
  • Aligned marketing support for long-term growth

Built-in dealer benefits that only a captive can provide



Drive New and
Used Vehicle Sales

Competitive products and strong participation programs drive sales, retention and profitability.


Increase Customer

Full suite of products to complement your business and keep customers in your sales and service cycle.


Expert Business Development

Shared data insights help drive your business forward, optimizing revenue and customer satisfaction.


Contribute to Enterprise Profitability

Alignment with GM and GMF to deliver F&I solutions and resources designed to drive engagement.

Solutions built to boost profitability

Maximize your F&I sales opportunities by tapping into a competitive profit participation structure and monthly F&I incentives. Earn more with the GM Protection Dividends program and available book value adjustment. Plus, dealers floorplanned with GMF can receive additional payouts.

Our full suite of products includes:


  • Protection Plans
  • CPO Protection Plan
  • Advanced Protection/Plus
  • Limited Warranty
  • GAP/GAP Plus1
  • XS Wear® Lease Protection
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance/Plus
  • Tire & Wheel Protection/Plus
  • Tire Protection2
  • Appearance Protection
  • Theft Protection3
  • Dent Protection
  • Key Protection
  • Windshield Protection4
  • Multi-Coverage Protection5

Develop your F&I business acumen

Along with F&I product training and sales coaching, GM Protection offers customized, in-depth reports to determine predictive trends in your area. Business development programs will help you improve performance, discover financial structure options and achieve your dealership’s goals.

Strategic Development Training

New to GM Protection or want to maximize your F&I
business potential? Register for free F&I training with the
Strategic Development Management team to work directly
with experts to meet your business goals. 

Contact your GMF or GM Protection Rep to learn more.

1Dealer must elect to sell either GAP or GAP Plus; GAP Plus not available for sale in AK, CO, FL, GA, KS, NE, NY, TN, TX or WV.
2Tire Protection may be sold in the service lane only.
3Options may vary by state.
4Windshield Protection is not available in the state of Florida.
5Coverage may vary by state.

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