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Is your dealership reputation keeping up with customer expectations?

The auto industry may look different today, but the importance of your dealership’s reputation hasn’t changed. Consumers still expect a seamless and personalized car-buying experience whether in person or online.

GMF’s Professional Automotive Consulting Techniques (PACT) Training empowers your staff to exceed your customers’ expectations, build trust and maximize profitability.

Audience: Managers and Sales Staff

You'll learn how to:

Deliver a consultative experience

Be a master communicator

Tailor your presentation

Keep customers engaged

Present the right options at the right time

Alleviate customer concerns

Dealership Reputation is Vital

90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

72% of consumers will take action only after reading a positive review.

According to Cox Automotive

What your peers have to say...


“The automotive retail space is changing rapidly. If you do not keep pace with the trends in customer expectations and adapting your process to meet those expectations, you will soon find yourself on the outside looking in. I think PACT provided the necessary insight for our front-line team.”

– Bruce Axelson, President | Dan Broderick, CEO

Capital Automotive Group

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To enroll your dealership in GMF PACT Training, contact us at

1According to Cox Automotive


From time to time, GM Financial facilitates and provides training for dealers to assist them with their business needs. GM Financial assumes no responsibility for the actions or conduct of a dealership or its employees. The information contained in any training material is not legal advice. Dealers should consult their own counsel for any legal issues or questions. Events are subject to cancellation or delay, in accordance with all federal and local laws and restrictions.

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