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GM Financial

Building relationships is our business

Sustainable success relies upon relationships that fuel the ability to respond, adapt and deliver. At GM Financial, we are pushing full throttle ahead with relationship-focused agility and strategically aligned team members to support your business.

It’s all about the right relationship

We believe the right relationship is everything. Your business deserves dedicated and personalized support from folks who know your business, who understand your local market and who can serve as consultative experts on how to best utilize our tools and programs to optimize your profitability.

That relationship takes trust, and we have committed to that belief by:

  • Providing your dealership with a primary and secondary credit analyst who understand your specific market and business needs
  • Increasing our field sales team by 20% (since fall 2017)
  • Placing GM Financial leaders in regional GM offices across the U.S.
  • Having a GM Financial leader working full time with the leadership team at each of the four brands’ offices in Michigan
  • Utilizing dealer feedback to launch enhanced tools and programs such as the Approval Center, ACH payoffs on all Off-Lease purchases, and internal score enhancements to create more first-time buyer opportunities


Strategic alignment creates more productive relationships

Many of our sales and field teams are now in divisionally branded roles to operate in closer coordination with Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac representatives.

This alignment fosters better relationships between GM Financial, GM and the brands. This strategic alignment gives us the agility as one team to serve you faster and innovate in the face of industry challenges, delivering personalized solutions to your dealership. 

Operationally, this is a powerful combination of expertise and speed designed to maximize your success. Talk to your GM Financial rep today to learn more about how our commitment to relationships can help fuel your profitability.

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