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CPO Vehicles = Higher Price Tags and Faster Turns

What if you could sell certain vehicles faster and for up to $3,000 more? You may be able to if you have CPO vehicles.

According to a report from Cox Automotive, “While the upfront cost of certifications may currently hold back some dealers from developing CPO programs, the combined value of higher price tags and faster turns more than counteracts this cost.”1

Customers will pay up to $3,000 more for a CPO vehicle than a similar vehicle without certification.2 And these vehicles sell up to five days faster than non-certified vehicles.


  Here are four tips to help boost your CPO profitability:

  1. Stack Incentives to Make Money
    • Use up to $1,000 of available Dealer Dividends® toward the purchase of a vehicle on GMF DealerSource® and up to $2,000 toward Dealer Dividends DPA on CPO vehicles
    • Draw on the $2,000 (Chevrolet, Buick, GMC) or $2,200 (Cadillac) book value adjustment on CPO vehicles financed with GM Financial
    • Promote exclusive subvented APR rates on CPO vehicles to your customers
    • Enjoy 30-day interest-free financing on vehicles floorplanned with GM Financial
  2. Retain Your Customers
    • Use the GMF DealerSource Maturity Viewer to retain existing customers
    • Match lease returns with used car shoppers
  3. Source Inventory Easier and Faster
    • Shop 10,000+ vehicles available on GMF DealerSource every day
    • Purchase your lease returns for immediate inventory
    • Take advantage of GM Financial programs to offset inventory acquisition costs
  4. Use Your Resources
    • Chat with the GM CPO Dealer Support Center
    • Dig into your leads and the GMF DealerSource Maturity Viewer
    • Review your GM Financial Dealer Performance Report to spot opportunities

To learn more about how to make the most of GM Financial’s CPO programs and financing, talk to your GM Financial rep today.

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