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Episode 32: Jacquelin Sewell

Jacquelin Sewell, Managing Partner of Sewell Cadillac and a Cadillac Dealer Council member, is a born leader. She leads her staff to leverage exclusive captive benefits, drive vehicle sales and establish her dealership in the DFW luxury market. When it comes to customer retention, Jacquelin values “the relationship that a captive provides.”

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Virtuous Cycle of

Customer Retention

“Cadillac Financial contributes to this virtuous cycle of customer retention that allows us to be more profitable and take care of customers throughout their lives.”

Retaining customers for life is a huge goal that every dealer aspires to accomplish, and Jacquelin has gotten the process down to a science. “Cadillac has spent a tremendous amount of energy on customer experience,” and financing support from GMF plays a huge role in exceeding luxury customer expectations. With her captive facilitating a smooth financing process that high-end drivers expect, Jacquelin can focus on leading her staff to continually enhance her dealership’s sales and service revenue streams.

Cracking the Luxury

Customer Code

“The luxury customer is something that has been studied for a long time. Our job is to listen, to respond to their needs and to innovate around their needs.”

Luxury customers have always been tough to crack, even for someone like Jacquelin who comes from a legacy family and has significant experience leading luxury dealerships. But through that experience, she has found that understanding how a Cadillac customer wants to be treated comes from listening to and innovating from direct customer feedback. “We hear customer feedback about feeling a difference since Cadillac Financial was formed,” she says. “They feel that Cadillac Financial is on their side and there for them to help.”

The Power

of a Captive

“I would really encourage dealers to understand the power of a captive and how significant it is to all of our shared future success that GMF be successful.”

From her Cadillac powerhouse dealership in Dallas to the Buick GMC and other branded dealerships that bear her family’s name, Jacquelin says that Sewell dealerships across the board share “a big belief in having a captive and the relationship that a captive provides.” Tapping into her family’s legacy and her own experience and intuition, Jacquelin understands the value that working with GMF has provided her dealership, and she looks forward to continuing to working alongside her captive to develop the best strategies for her customer retention goals.

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