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Dealer Direct Mail Makes Subprime Less Scary

Like the costumed kids knocking on your door on Halloween, leads come in all shapes and sizes. Your Business Development Center (BDC) receives leads from online credit applications, social media, third parties and many from GM Financial. If you aren’t taking advantage of our prequalified Dealer Direct Mail program, then you might be missing out on hundreds of leads every quarter.

Launched in 2016, the program has delivered nearly 189,000 leads to dealers across the U.S. Based on available sales match data, an average of 15% of those leads turned into a sold vehicle.

How Dealer Direct Mail works

  1. Target potential customers:
    Our program targets potential nonprime customers with a FICO® score between 515-650, who are at least 24 months through an auto finance agreement, and who live within a radius around your dealership.

  2. Send prequalification materials:
    Customers who meet GM Financial’s prequalification criteria will be sent a letter telling them to call or text a toll-free number to learn the amount they’re prequalified for and prompting them to visit your dealership.

  3. Capture the lead:
    When these prospects text or call in, their information is sent directly to your CRM system so that your BDC can start working the lead. This is a great way to drive motivated customers straight to your store who might not otherwise realize that they could get into a vehicle.

Increased response rates

Our Marketing team and the experts at Epsilon, a longtime GM marketing collaborator, have extensively tested the program to know what works best to grab your customers’ attention. In 2018, we launched new digital enhancements aimed at increasing the number of leads.

New tools to make the program even better include digital advertising, two email follow-ups, and an SMS text messaging response service, which allows customers to find out about their offer without calling in. The text service alone has led to a 40% boost in responses.

Pro tip: The program is turnkey billing eligible for automatic reimbursement through your GM Local Advertising and Marketing Program (LAM) Sales In-Market Retail (iMR) Account.


How to participate

Don't let it spook you — enrolling is easy. Your GM Financial Dealer Account Representative (DAR) or Epsilon Dealer Marketing Consultant will help you set up your order and explain pricing, delivery and turnkey billing.

What are you waiting for? Your leads are out there. Contact your DAR or Epsilon Dealer Marketing Consultant at 1-800-292-9220.

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